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Josh – Sushruta

Sushruta was both an ancient Indian medic, and is also the name of the text the doctor wrote, outlining his ideas, which are still oftentimes used in India, almost unchanged as of today. Sushruta the doctor was born deep in … Continue reading

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Josh – Chakras

  Chakras are an ancient Hindu belief of 7 centers of energy in the body. Chakras have been around since ancient times and are listed in various Vedic scriptures. Each Chakra Point focuses on a different aspect of life, and … Continue reading

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Josh – The Ayurveda

The Ayurveda is a type of medical philosophy dating back to ancient India, perhaps the Indus Valley civilization. It means Ayu, or life, and Veda, or knowledge, thus, it means “The knowledge to life” or “right living.” It is based … Continue reading

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