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7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras

Chakras are an ancient Hindu belief of 7 centers of energy in the body. Chakras have been around since ancient times and are listed in various Vedic scriptures. Each Chakra Point focuses on a different aspect of life, and are associated with a particular element or function.


The seven Chakras are:
– Root: Earth-based. Focuses on feelings of security.
– Splenic: Water-based. Focuses on procreation and sensuality.
– Solar Plexus: Fire-based. Focuses on ego and identification.
– Heart: Air-Based. Focuses on love and determination.
– Throat: Akasha-(Aether)based. Focuses on understanding.
– Third Eye: Mahatattva-(All-elements)based. Focuses on union and self-realization.
– Crown: No element, but is active when one reaches enlightenment as being beyond all desire.

There are 7 main chakras, but also 40 minor chakras and approximately 88,000 chakras associated to physical aspects of the body, much as the Chinese had points where chi-flow crossed.
Chakras flow around the body based on sex. Male chakra flow clockwise in the body, and female chakra flows counter-clockwise. This is what allows male and female compatibility.
Chakra flow was often seen as the root of physical symptoms, and changing that flow was what would fix it. Chakras were seen as being points of energy directly connected to the physical body, the major ones generally attached to the spine, and so anything affecting a chakra would, in turn, affect the physical body. So to treat the body, one would have to treat the chakra associated.

Today, many Hindu and Buddhist beliefs incorporate chakras into their lore and practices, being places of essence of ones being, in both a religious and very physical sense. Having good chakra is akin to enjoying a good life, and many people still take it very seriously.

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