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Sushruta was both an ancient Indian medic, and is also the name of the text the doctor wrote, outlining his ideas, which are still oftentimes used in India, almost unchanged as of today.

Sushruta the doctor was born deep in India’s past, but the exact date has never been decided as there is no concrete evidence either way. It is known however that his medical script has been used for thousands of years.
He was famous for many things, his most notable additions being the classification of wounds (which has so far been completely unchanged, save for the addition of “gunshut” to such descriptions as “wound severence,” “puncture,” “crushed wound,” and many different classifications for cuts, abrasions, bone breaks, and dislocations), as well as being one of the first people in history to have attempted and successfully done various reconstructive plastic surgeries.
Sushruta was the first to successfully complete a rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction), otoplasty (ear lobe), and oroplasty (lips). He also was attributed with successfully treating a myriad of medical issues, such as hemorrhoids, various tumor removal, dental, and ulcers.
His medical contributions are so advanced, not only for his time but for modern times as well, that many modern doctors see his work as more than satisfactory for treating patients, and are using his techniques.

Second, the Sushutra Samhita, is the text written or compiled by Sushruta the doctor, outlining all of his ideas. Together, with the Chakara Samhita (another medical text of around the same time), many Indian doctors would treat both the physical and the psychic aspects of a disease to fully heal the patient. Both texts are so advanced that, oftentimes and in conjunction, they can work to heal a patient, and are still adhered to in much of the Indian subcontinent when treating patients.

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