Josh – The Ayurveda


The three Ayurveda Aspects

The Ayurveda is a type of medical philosophy dating back to ancient India, perhaps the Indus Valley civilization. It means Ayu, or life, and Veda, or knowledge, thus, it means “The knowledge to life” or “right living.” It is based on Vedic scripture, the earliest of which date back to almsot 3000 BCE. It is a method of being prescribed various physical and psychic (mental) tasks to help one work with their environment to become happy and healthy.

Special care is taken towards prescribing specific diets to follow seasons, activities, and temperaments to fit the person. Healthy exercise and regularity are the key aspects to Ayurveda.

It is also based around body type and physical aspects, all of which are taken into account to maximize happiness.
Pitta is moderate in size and girth, precise, soft-skinned, soft haired. Considered ambitious and Courageous.
Vatta is the skinny, lankyish person, exciteable, but otherwise sounds weak. Can be fast moving, and is prone to overall appear “narrow.” Considered creative and joyous.
Kapha is stocky build, slow-moving, round or full, with bright eyes. Considered grounded and patient.

By applying the medicinal concepts of Ayurveda, one could achieve happiness through health.
Today, the Ayurveda is applied, although under a different name: it is currently one of the more modern practices of Chakra.

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